Natalie and Mic

Natalie and Mic

Welcome to Micsway! I am an 8th Grade Teacher, administrator, and mother. I love to plan and organize, as well as help others streamline their lives.

This website was created to help families and teachers connect on a deeper level. My goal is not only to ease the lives of busy families who would like to give, but also to appreciate educators who sometimes have to reach into their own pockets to provide supplies and treats for their classrooms. Another goal of this site is to give teachers a personal voice so that they can highlight their own special gifts, passions, and stories.

My heart's desire is for this website to serve as a gift to you the teacher as well as to you the families; all the while helping to simplify and personalize the family/teacher connections in the midst of the very full lives that we lead. Enjoy!

xo Natalie

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